At Methuen Federal Credit Union, we offer a variety of loan types to fit most any financial need you may have.

These include both secured and unsecured personal loans, home loans, education, as well as overdraft protection and line of credit loans. You must be a member of Methuen Federal Credit Union to apply for one of our many loan types.

Methuen Federal Credit Union offers a full array of real estate loan products. More importantly, our staff is knowledgeable, experienced and professional.

Life on the road is a part of the American way of life. With Auto Loans from Methuen FCU, we'll make sure getting there is half the fun!

At Methuen Federal Credit Union, we offer Personal / Unsecured loans for consumer purchases, debt consolidation, vacations or any other need you may have.

Will your heating system make it through the winter or would you like to make your home more energy efficient?

Methuen FCU VISA includes extended warranty, lost, stolen or damaged purchase insurance, life insurance on the unpaid balance of your account, travel accident insurance, free replacement cards and much more!

Overdraft Protection is provided on every Share Draft account in order to prevent returned / NSF checks. This is not intended to be a line of credit, but a protection.

The Credit Union now offers "Line of Credit" loans. Simply fill out an initial application and receive a credit line and come in from time to time, as needed, to get an advance on this line of credit.

Deposits in the Credit Union may be offered as collateral on a loan. You may request terms and conditions suitable to you.