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Tips to Help Prevent Fraud after a Security Breach:
  • Monitor all your monthly statements for any unauthorized payments.
  • Never click on links in unsolicited emails that you receive.
  • Delete any unsolicited emails. Don't even open them!
  • Check your credit report at least once annually.
  • Never give out your financial information over the phone or online unless you initiated contact.
  • Update your operating system whenever security patches are available.
  • Use spam blockers, firewalls, virus protection, and adware & malware destroyers.

Please see the Equifax website for more details and ways to protect yourself.

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Our VISA card has fixed rates

as low as 8%.


Save money every day using our VISA. No annual fees! No cash advance fees or penalty interest rate! No international fees! Get rid of those high-interest store cards.


Our VISA does it all!.


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In addition to our regular

Fixed Second Mortgages


60 month/5 year as low as 3.25%
120 month/10 year as low as 3.99%
180 month/15 year as low as 4.25%


??         Mortgages and home equity lines. Focus on home Purchase, refinance or accessing the equity in your home for improvements.


Learn More...

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Valued members of

Methuen Federal Credit Union

have been invited to apply

for our

Holiday-Skip-A-Payment program.


This means that you may skip your November, December or January payment on your credit union loan.


And if you have more than one
loan, you can skip a payment on each!


Check HERE

to learn more

and apply now!

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0% loan
to assist with the installation of qualified energy efficient home improvements!

- Attic, Wall, and Basement Insulation
- High Efficiency Heating Systems
- High Efficiency Domestic Hot Water Systems
- Solar Hot Water Systems
- Energy Star?? Windows
- Energy Star?? Thermostats


for more details.